Cupra reveals full electric Tavascan concept

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Words: Nile Bijoux
3 Sep 2019

Cupra is amping things up at present. First it debuted the electrified Formentor, and now it’s going full EV once again with the Tavascan SUV concept.

The vehicle is underpinned by the VW MEB architecture and, according to Cupra, brings together “the silhouette of a four-door crossover, with the presence of an SUV and the sleekness of a sporty coupe.” For those wondering, the name comes from a village in the Pyrenees.

It certainly looks the part, with narrow eyes, an illuminated Cupra logo down near the front lip and copper-coloured Cupra text up front. Around the back is a hefty diffuser that creates a visual connection with the front end. The copper-rimmed wheels, a Cupra signature styling cue, also add to the visual flair.

Inside is a large touchscreen display, with another digital unit for the instrument cluster. Diffuse LED ambient lighting gives the cabin an upmarket feel while leather bucket seats “offer form, function, comfort and security.” Apparently, the larger screen can move towards the passenger if needed, while the seats have speakers and individual smartphone connectivity 

Power is applied to both axles via two electric motors. A combined output of 225kW means a 0-100km/h time of “less than 6.5 seconds.” Range is rated at 450km thanks to a 77kWh battery pack.

The Tavascan will debut in the metal at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where we’ll hopefully learn more about whether or not it has a production future.


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