Ferrari reveals droptop 812 for maximum V12 goodness

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Words: Nile Bijoux
10 Sep 2019

Yesterday it was the F8 Spider, today it’s the 812 Superfast that has been given a haircut. This is the 812 GTS.

The GTS is, according to Ferrari, the most powerful convertible you can buy, coming equipped with a screaming 6.5-litre atmospheric V12, pushing 588kW/718Nm and redlining way up at 8900rpm. Apparently, 80 per cent of that torque is accessible from 3500rpm, with full twist at 7000rpm.

Ferrari says this gallops to motorway speeds in under 3sec, while 200km/h is achieved in 8.3. Flat out, you’ll be doing 340km/h.

Like the F8, the retractable hardtop needs 14 seconds to open or close, and operates at speeds of up to 45km/h. However, the weight has been impacted as a result of requisite chassis strengthening. Ferrari says 75 kilos have been added but the car will be just as “elastic” as the coupe thanks to recalibrated magnetorheological dampers.

While the roof is down, drivers can electrically operate a rear screen to act as a windbreaker. This should reduce wind noise and allow more of that meaty V12 roar into the cabin.

Interestingly, this is the first front-engined production V12 Spider from Ferrari in the past 50 years, the last one being the 365 GTS4 from 1969. There have been other V12 convertibles, like the 2000 550 Barchetta Pininfarina, 2005 575 Superamerica and the 2014 F60 America but these have been limited-run models.

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