Hayden Paddon working on Kiwi-built electric rally car

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Words: Nile Bijoux
20 Aug 2019

Guess it had to happen; there’s Formula E for open wheelers, MotoE for bikes, and now Hayden Paddon and Hyundai New Zealand have revealed they are working on a new rally car with Kona EV underpinnings. Is this the beginnings of a RallyE series? Oh, wait, the FIA has already announced a World Rallycross Championship that will introduce electric cars from 2021.

Paddon’s car will have a peak power of 600kW and the range to compete in full-length rallying events thanks to a revised aero package. There’s also a full bevy of safety upgrades.

“This first EV rally car from the Paddon Rallysport Group’s new division, Alternative Energy Motorsport Development (AEMD), will be a showstopper in terms of performance and will do things differently to electric-powered competition vehicles seen to date,” said Paddon.

“Alternative energy powerplants are very quickly evolving in the consumer-focused automotive sector, but the same developments are not as widespread in motorsport and certainly not in rallying.

Paddon Rallysport Group | Announcement from Volt TV on Vimeo.

“A friend and I discussed the concept of electric-powered rally cars. Not unlike most motorsport enthusiasts and their first impressions of the concept, I thought ‘not EV!’ But the more I thought about it, the more potential I could see to align top-tier rallying with the technology aims of major vehicle manufacturers.”

Paddon added that the rally-bred Kona will be developed with noise and ferocity in mind.

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