Porsche teases colourful Taycan

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Words: Nile Bijoux
20 Mar 2019

​Porsche’s upcoming Taycan, to be unveiled at Frankfurt in September, will be on the leading edge of the EV push. The firm released teaser images recently emblazoned with a "soul, electrified" tagline, highlighting its intent for it to deliver a “typical Porsche driving experience”.

It will lead a raft of electrics from Zuffenhausen, including a mid-engined sportscar and SUV, as the firm has invested billions in an EV future.

Taycan will initially be offered as a four-door and a high-riding wagon. It won’t replace Panamera, which will continue as the petrol and hybrid option for buyers, but it’ll likely be a sportier drive with a lower centre of gravity thanks a battery pack buried deep in its all-new, EV- only platform.

Internet ‘facts’ say Taycan has been bred to perform with synchronous type motors used as these deliver better performance stamina. There’ll be one at each end, though the one on the rear will likely deliver more power for improved dynamics.

There will be a two-speed transmission to enable higher top-speed running and Porsche has been pounding around the Ring to ensure it delivers consistent performance, regardless of battery condition.

Expect it to be exciting and expensive when it arrives here in 2020.

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