Scott Dixon’s personal Ford GT set to sell for incredible price

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Words: Matthew Hansen
26 Jan 2021

One of the most interesting ongoing stories of the last few years in supercar-land has been the prices of Ford GTs — in particular the current-generation model.

Ford controversially policed a two-year ban on owners selling their new mid-engined 3.5-litre V6 hypercars, resulting in a fascinating legal stoush between the carmaker and professional wrestler John Cena.

Since the ban lifted, quality examples have sprouted up for sale all over the world, with prices having risen to match. RM Sotheby’s sold one in January for US$923,500 ($1,294,000), and another incredible example that’s emerged for sale at Canepa in Santa Cruz is set to fetch a pretty penny. And, it has a huge Kiwi connection — it’s Scott Dixon’s car.

Apart from being an IndyCar Series legend, arguably the best driver of the category’s modern era, Dixon was also a part of Ford’s factory Le Mans 24 Hour effort when the GT returned to take on the event that made it in the 1960s. He played an integral role in the brand’s fairy-tale win, and naturally had no issues getting on the short-list for the production version of his race car.

Dixon’s 2019 GT has a few interesting features. For one, it’s chassis number ‘009’ — a reference to Dixon’s long-time racing number. The Kiwi also opted for the Kiwi-esque black and white, with an added US$70,000 carbon package (the stripes down the centre aren’t vinyl … they’re the exposed carbon-fibre underneath).

“When Dixon heard about the Ford GT program, Scott was immediately interested in racing with the program. Scott was from New Zealand, much like famed racer Bruce McLaren who raced the first Ford GTs with Carroll Shelby and Ford Motor Company and won the 24 Hours of Le Mans outright in 1966,” Canepa explains.

“Scott spoke with Chip Ganassi considering his New Zealand heritage and how it would be fitting for him to be able to participate. Soon enough, Scott was in the driver’s seat of the new Ford GTLM race car 50 years after Bruce McLaren had gotten into the original Ford GTs.

“He took delivery of his car in 2019 and kept his car perfectly protected throughout his ownership and remains in pristine new condition, only taking the car to drive twice that is evident by the low 44.7 miles on the odometer.”

Canepa sadly hasn’t posted the price of Dixon’s not-so-old Ford. But given the heritage of its owner, the cleanliness of its spec, and the fact it’s more or less brand new, one should expect it to have an asking price upwards of US$1million. 

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