Watch: All-new Mitsubishi Outlander is a demon on gravel

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Words: Matthew Hansen
26 Jan 2021

On February 16, Mitsubishi will finally reveal a replacement for its seasoned veteran Outlander — an SUV that’s used just one platform since 2006.

Thanks to spy images we already have a fairly good idea what the mid-sizer is going to look like. But, Mitsubishi ardently continue to tease the model; it’s latest effort being a gritty video of its going through performance testing while dressed in camouflage.

The video doesn’t just give us another peek at the model’s looks, though. It also profiles the Outlander’s all-wheel drive in a ‘this can be used for more than just the soccer run’ kind of way. The model will feature Mitsubishi’s latest ‘Super All Wheel Control’ system.

The nomenclature might sound a little … clunky … but Mitsubishi’s knowledge with all-paw systems can’t be ignored. The ‘Super Select 4WD’ system in the Triton is one of the only proper full-time four-wheel drive systems offered in the ute segment. And Mitsubishi’s rallying heritage can’t be ignored — even though it all feels like it happened such a long time ago.

Along with drifting rather neatly on gravel and snow, Mitsubishi’s teaser also shows the Outlander wading through some relatively deep waters and navigating through thick mud.

Although most customers in this segment aren’t about to replicate these actions in real life (most SUVs are lucky to see a gravel beach trail at best), the knowledge that their new car is capable of such shenanigans is marketing gold.

“We took everything we know about on- and off-road driving from the rally experiences to apply the latest Super-All Wheel Control technology in our newly developed platform”, says lead engineer, Kentaro Honda.

“We also specifically developed a new drive mode selector to provide confident driving at all times and in all weather conditions. We hope that many customers will have great experiences with the enhanced driving performance of the all-new Outlander.”

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