Mazda Familia GT-R - the other GT-R

There were two Japanese AWD rockets wearing the GT-R badge in the nineties. This is the one not made by Nissan. We inspect a... Read more >


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Classic Car Reviews

BMW M325i - M Tech treat

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Porsche 944 Turbo - water cooled wonder?

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Hampton Downs C&G

Survivor - 1973 Holden HQ Belmont station wagon

Finding a low-mileage, all-original car that’s decades old is the ultimate for... Read more >

The Screamer - 1997 Honda Civic Type R

Life begins at 6000rpm for the Civic Type R. That’s when the... Read more >

Mazda RX-3 -retro rotor

For some, the RX-3 is Mazda’s finest machine. And this coupe is... Read more >

Fifty years of Concours

The Ellerslie Car Show, as most know it, is a mass gathering... Read more >

Historic Hybrid - Honda Insight

Honda was one of the early initiators of the hybrid concept. Here... Read more >

Evo trilogy - Mitsubishi Evolution collection

Here’s a delectable trio of machines, all sharing the diamond badge. We... Read more >

So Eighties - Toyota MR-2

The original MR-2 is a time warp back to an era of... Read more >

Healey Haven - Austin Healey Collection

We visit a passionate custodian of the Austin-Healey marque here in New... Read more >