Chevrolet asks EV owners to park away from other cars amid fire risk

Last month, General Motors announced one of the largest motoring recalls in recent history, confirming that every Chevrolet... Read more >


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Govt responds to “frustrated” MIA statements, Clean Car withdrawal...

Following a strongly worded press statement from the Motor Industry Association, signalling... Read more >

Mitsubishi denies reports that it’s giving up on making...

Earlier this week a report from Japan claiming that Mitsubishi is planning... Read more >

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Volkswagen ID.4 - the ideal EV?

VW’s ID.4 was recently named the World Car of the Year. The first one in the country landed just a while ago, and we... Read more >


Porsche’s GT3 RS a race car for the road

With the latest generation of 911 GT3 released to market, the GT... Read more >

Govt’s Clean Car Standard slammed, rejected by NZ motoring...

A damning press release issued by New Zealand’s Motor Industry Association has... Read more >

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From the archives: 2005 Aston Martin DB9

To the long list of Desirable Brits – the DB2, 3, 4,... Read more >

Toyota still pushing to bring RAV4 plug-in hybrid to...

Earlier this week, Toyota unveiled a portion of the RAV4’s next wave... Read more >

Peugeot e-208 and e-2008 - Lithium Lions

Peugeot is ready for the recent uptick in electric interest with a... Read more >

Harley Davidson Livewire 2021 - Lightning bolt or...

Since its launch, LiveWire has gone from being a lone halo model... Read more >

Big and fancy - RAM 1500 Limited 2021

The new Ram 1500 Limited is one flash truck, packing as many... Read more >

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