BMW design boss ‘fine’ with owners getting rid of ‘that grille’

It’s a somewhat frequent occurrence — a new car is unveiled and all the good work behind the scenes and under the... Read more >

Bridgestone 2020 Dec V1

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Tesla under investigation over suspension issues

America’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — the NHTSA — has confirmed... Read more >

Mazda CX-5 replacement to get rear-wheel drive and inline...

It’s odd to think that the current Mazda CX-5 is on the... Read more >


NZ to get Maori road signs by 2023, says...

Labour Government Transport Minister Michael Wood says that bilingual road signs featuring... Read more >

Promising 675kW hydrogen-electric ute killed off in GM deal

It’s been a case of stormy seas for General Motors and electric... Read more >

Wide, wild, and slightly ugly 500hp Toyota Supra revealed

Look, we’re not here to tell you what’s good looking and... Read more >

Auckland drivers could pay $3.50 to enter city under...

Following this morning’s story of congestion charges being investigated for Auckland City,... Read more >

Aussie number plate sells for almost a million dollars

What would you buy for $735,000? A McLaren 720 S with all... Read more >

Peugeot Nov20

Nissan gets $2.8b loan from Japan govt to help...

Few brands have had a more tumultuous 2020 than Nissan, which continues... Read more >

Congestion charge proposed for Auckland City roads

Toll roads haven’t been in place in urban Auckland since 1984, but... Read more >

Watch: Horror crash in Formula 1, driver emerges from...

Last night’s Bahrain Grand Prix won by Lewis Hamilton was overshadowed by... Read more >

Meanwhile, Victoria reveals 5.7-litre V8 Ram 1500 for police...

As New Zealand’s police confirm Skoda as its new police-car supplier, an... Read more >

EV tech keeps advancing

So Labour is in after a red tsunami. Prior to the election,... Read more >