Hyundai continues to back hydrogen, confirms new refueller for NZ

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Words: Matthew Hansen
2 Jul 2021

While its fuel-cell Nexo still appears to be something of a pipe dream for the Kiwi market, Hyundai New Zealand continues to go all in with its Xcient hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

After securing funding from the government to assist in bringing a range of hydrogen Xcients into the country for demonstration and study, Hyundai’s local arm now plans to build a new 350 bar containerised refuelling station sourced from H2H Energy. The station will be a modified version of the brand’s current station. Only now it will be able to support both 350 bar and 700 bar.

“We are proud to continue supporting Hyundai New Zealand in their hydrogen endeavors. They are leading from the front, providing real, practical and manageable solutions, in alignment with the H2H philosophy,” said H2H Energy CEO Cranston Polson.

“Hydrogen energy is the key to building a more sustainable society. It’s the ideal fuel source for the heavy transport industry to help reduce carbon emissions. We are really excited about the arrival of the Xcient FCEV truck,” said Hyundai New Zealand General Manager Andy Sinclair.

“However, as there won’t be nationwide infrastructure at that time, we’ve chosen to modify our existing refueller to be capable of refuelling at 350 bar for the Xcient and 700 bar for the Nexo. We look forward to the completion of the project and getting our FCEV truck on the road by the end of the year.”

The news comes as Hyundai reports that its Xcient fleet has travelled a combined 1,000,000km in Switzerland, one of the marque’s earliest markets for the model, across an 11-month timespan.

Hyundai has labelled the introduction a success, saying in a statement that the 46-strong Swiss fleet has reduced emissions by an approximate 630 tonnes. It says that those using the trucks note quick refuelling times, eco friendliness, and long range as the key benefits.

“Swiss transport and logistics companies are convinced that hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles have the greatest potential among various alternative energy vehicles. The member companies do not stop at simply introducing hydrogen fuel cell trucks. They have high expectations for the hydrogen energy source that holds great potential for the future and believe that hydrogen will be the key for transitioning to eco-friendly energy,” said Jörg Ackermann, Chairman of the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association.

“Specifically, the biggest advantage of hydrogen energy is its excellent storability. This suggests that hydrogen will play an important role in the era of eco-friendly energy. Many distribution companies are already experiencing the benefits directly by using the Xcient fuel cell trucks, and I think that if summer operation is completed successfully, the demand for the Xcient fuel cell trucks will increase even more."


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